For Individuals

This section is for individuals who are interested in a new job or for those individuals who want to have an overview of the current situation in a labour market. It is also for those individuals who want to be informed about new job offers without being bothered by spam and irrelevant job offers. All in all, we want you to only have information that is relevant to you, so that you are able to have a basic overview about the current situation in a particular labour market and become a successful candidate.


Currently we only have a job offers page available. It is in the Slovak language as the jobs are primarily for Slovak speaking candidates. In the near future we plan to enable registered applicants to have access to several new features, such as a job offer agent, online checking of current status of the selection process for positions applied for, online help forum, etc. We will inform you about all the new features through our website.


Job Offer (in slovak language)