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This section is for clients - companies - for those who are looking for employees or other personnel - consulting services that we provide. Here you can find short descriptions of our products and services; after registering you will receive full access to information about all of our products and services.

ACTIVE PS - Recruiting

Personnel - consulting service ACTIVE PS - Recruiting is primarily focused on searching and selecting lower and junior positions. Our work is based mainly on advertising (via internet and print media), utilising our databases of potential candidates and personal in-depth interviews with applicants.

The aim of our work is to present several candidates for each requested job position.

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ACTIVE PS - Headhunting

Personnel - consulting service ACTIVE PS - Headhunting is a more comprehensive way of searching and selecting candidates. It is therefore used mainly for searching and selecting candidates for management positions, executive positions, or senior specialist positions.

Our work in this area is based on perfect knowledge of local labour markets, direct searching and contacting candidates and usage of sophisticated methods of assessment and selection of candidates such as psychological tests or reference checks.

The aim of our work is to complete complex market research in relation to work positions and presenting the most suitable candidates.

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ACTIVE PS - IT Professionals

Personnel - consulting service ACTIVE PS - IT Professionals is focused on searching & selecting candidates in the IT industry.

Our work uses our comprehensive knowledge of the IT market to allow us to search for candidates within this sector by non-standard tools based on internet communication channels. This service is designed for positions such as programmers, IT specialists, consultants and project managers.

The result of our work is research and contacting the most suitable candidates for the oversaturated IT market.

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ACTIVE PS - Jobhunting

Personnel - consulting service ACTIVE PS - Jobhunting is actually a service for companies, where we offer a candidate of a high value on a market, usually with special ized skills (know - how, experience, etc.), even when a company isn't looking for such a person at that particular time. After the meeting with the presented candidate, the company may show interest in employng such a person, or they might simply choose to exchange the presented candidate for a low-performing employee in a similar position.

We offer mainly candidates for senior specialist positions and managers with specialized skills and experience in a certain field. These candidates cannot or does not want to search for a job themselves therefore they have turned to us to be their agent.

The result of our work is offeringand presenting a high quality and interesting candidate, without any waiting period or need for a search and selection process.

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ACTIVE PS - Assessment systems

Personnel - consulting service ACTIVE PS - Assessment systems is focused on the assessment of candidates and their capability for particular positions by using the modern psychological method; The Hogan Assessment Systems.

The result of our work is to collect information and describe the suitability of candidates for working positions. The final part of the report is an evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of the candidate with suggestions for their future development.

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ACTIVE PS - Outplacement

One of the great ways to correctly end employment with the dismissed employee besides generous compensation is to provide help and support in a succesful jobsearch through the assistant OUTPLACEMENT programmes.

Personnel – consulting service ACTIVE PS - Outplacement is an active programme of employee dismissal, that enables dismissed employees to be more succesful in the labour market. It consists of client profile (dismissed employee), Training programme and Assistance in jobsearch.

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